Reliability of the International IQ Test

The International IQ Test algorithm has been refined over several years to become the most reliable online IQ test available. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only ones to have developed an IQ score calculation algorithm of such magnitude as to statistically match the following results.

In the following study, we randomly selected 66032 different results from each year 2020, 2021 and 2022 (with test duration: 13-90min to favor a maximum of authentic results) and in such a way that they represent the world population (about 82.54%, as there was not enough data to include countries representing the other percentages).

The list of countries from which the candidates were selected is listed on the right in the image below, as well as the number of results selected from each country (according to the % of the world population that the country represented at the beginning of the year 2023).

The overall result of all three years, when rounded to the unit, is a standard deviation of about 15, as well as an average IQ of about 100.

This suggests statistically that our proposed international IQ test can provide an effective indication of an individual's IQ score (at least to within a few points) using the Raven matrix method. Probably more than most other tests on the internet, if not all (but of course: the results of this test are to be taken as an indication and do not replace a psychological consultation).