IQ test results

Congratulations 森川眞行!

The IQ test you have done is an evolution of Raven's progressive matrices concept. It measures the domain of general intelligence: it measures logic, the ability to reason clearly and to grasp complexity, as well as the ability to retain and reproduce information patterns, sometimes called reproductive capacity.

Above all, take into consideration that the average of the standard IQ is set at 100 for historical reasons. The test that you have passed is designed so that the average IQ score of the candidates is 100. Then each candidate, according to the score that he obtains, can compare his score to the statistics of different parameters.

Based on the results of the test you just completed, your IQ score is 111.

This IQ score is an estimate. Your score may change depending on your form and the conditions under which you take the test.

General and international distribution of IQ

You are among the 23% of the smartest people in the world. You are smarter than 77% of the population.

Distribution by age group

You are among the 9% of the smartest people of your age range. You are smarter than 91% of the people of your age range.

Distribution by study level

You are among the 33% of the smartest people of your study level (4 years studies degree). You are smarter than 67% of the people of your study level.

Distribution by study field

You are among the 25% of the smartest people of your study field (Art and design). You are smarter than 75% of the people of your study field.

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