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Welcome to the international IQ test.

The purpose of this test is to estimate your IQ score by comparing your answers to our global database.

Please make sure you can stay focused throughout the test to get the most reliable results possible.

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Understanding the Basics of the IQ

What is the IQ?

Percentage of the population by IQ score. About 2% below 70 IQ. About 7% between 70 and 79 IQ. About 16% between 80 and 89 IQ. About 50% between 90 and 109 IQ. About 16% between 110 and 119 IQ. About 7% between 120 and 129 IQ. And about 2% above 130 IQ.
Distribution of IQ in the world population according to the Gaussian curve (in %)

The IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a measure of intelligence designed to classify the population into different groups. In this classification, 98% of people score between 70 and 130, and 50% score between 90 and 110.

The further an IQ score is from the average of 100, the fewer people have that score. Only 2% of the population scores below 70 or above 130. This is illustrated by the Gaussian curve with a standard deviation of 15.

What is the purpose of knowing your IQ?

Knowing your IQ can help you understand yourself better and recognize differences (or similarities) with others, especially if your score is significantly lower or higher than average. It can explain certain ease or difficulties in social relationships, professional activities, or educational pursuits.

IQ should be seen as an indicator among other aspects of personality (such as motivations, values, etc.) and not as a definitive conclusion. IQ is just one indicative element and does not sum up your entire personality, which includes many other facets (personality, motivations, values, etc.).

What is a gifted person?

"Gifted" individuals have an IQ above 130. They generally find intellectual activities easier. Common traits of gifted people include:

  • Great curiosity and a thirst for learning.
  • High perfectionism.
  • Sometimes obsessive interest in certain subjects.
  • Hypersensitivity that is often not visible from the outside.
  • Strong ability to focus and concentrate.

What is a person with a very low IQ?

People with an IQ below 70 may face more difficulties in intellectual and social activities, despite their efforts and determination. They may also have challenges with social behaviors.

Can my IQ change over time?

IQ score by age group. About 98 IQ below 18 years old. About 102 IQ between 18 and 39 years old. About 99 IQ between 40 and 59 years old. About 92 IQ between 59 and 79 years old. And about 89 IQ above 80 years old.
IQ score by age group

Yes, our studies show that age influences IQ. An individual's IQ peaks between ages 18 and 39 and then gradually decreases.

Other factors, like dietary habits and engaging in intellectually stimulating activities (like playing chess), can also influence IQ. A 2024 study showed that children with better dietary habits had higher IQs than others.

Another 2022 study showed that children who played chess at school increased their IQ scores.

What is the method of this IQ test?

Our IQ test is inspired by Raven's Matrices (developed by psychologist John Carlyle Raven in 1936). For each question, the candidate must complete a series using logic. This method measures the ability to reason, understand complexity, and recognize and reproduce patterns.

This technique allows for fair IQ assessment across different countries and languages, making it a good choice for an international IQ test.

What is the most reliable IQ test?

For an IQ test to be reliable, it must produce results that follow a Gaussian curve (average of 100, standard deviation of 15) when given to a representative sample of the population.

We have published a study demonstrating the reliability of the international IQ test, using a representative sample of the world population, with an average IQ of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.

We are the only ones to our knowledge who have perfected the algorithm of an IQ test to such a level of precision. We therefore consider our test the most reliable IQ test on the internet.

However, results should be seen as indicative. This test doesn't replace an in-person psychological consultation and other measurement methods besides Raven's Matrices. Therefore, we do not issue IQ certificates.

What is the official IQ test?

There is no universally recognized official IQ test. Different methods exist to measure IQ, with no single method being unanimously accepted.

However, our IQ test is the first to be titled the "international IQ test." Since its launch in 2018, it has been translated into several languages to enrich its international database and perfect its measurement algorithm for reliability.

Our annual updated international ranking of IQ scores by country is regularly cited by online journals and indirectly demonstrates the reliability of this test with the stability of countries' average IQ scores year after year.

How long does this test take?

The test takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Although the duration might slightly influence the result, this impact is minimal. Focus on solving the problems.

What is the maximum IQ score of the test?

The maximum score obtainable on this test is 142.

When can I retake the IQ test?

Please wait at least one year before retaking this IQ test to avoid biasing the results. The longer you wait, the more reliable the results will be. The first results obtained are generally the most reliable.

Is this IQ test free?

Yes, it's a free IQ test. After validating your information, you can access your IQ results for free and instantly by clicking the link at the bottom of the page or on the logo at the top left. Payment is optional and allows access to a correction report indicating your correct and incorrect answers.

Do you offer a subscription?

No, this site does not offer any subscription. Payment for additional options is a one-time transaction with no hidden fees. When you pay for additional options (like the report of correct and incorrect answers), there is only a single transaction. There are no subscriptions or other hidden fees.